Cure 125 : Lupus Disease, Natural therapy Lupus Disease ( Lotion)

Autoimmune disease

Autoimmune diseases result from a dysfunction of the immune system which then address the normal components of the body, or "self-antigens". This is for example the case in lupus, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, etc. In a word, the body's defenses attack the healthy cells of certain organs of the body by an inflammatory reaction with immunization towards its characterized unmodified antigens. It is a blow to internal disorder or condition of the body's immunity.

Lupus disease

Lupus is an autoimmune chronic inflammatory disease. The T cells of the body's defenses attack mistakenly healthy cells (connective tissues, skin, joints, blood, kidneys, heart, etc.) taking them for foreign bodies (viruses, bacteria, microbes, etc.). It's like a coup of an immune system dysfunction that causes an immune response based on antibodies that will attack the antigens on our own cells and lead to symptoms such as inflammation (pain, swelling, etc.) . Lupus affects many more women than men for unknown reasons. There are several forms of lupus name associated with the attacked body. There is talk of joint lupus for joints, brain when the brain is affected, skin to skin, cutaneous discoid face, nose, cheek, etc. But cutaneous discoid lupus is the most rependue form. The person presents as symptoms of skin lesions characteristic of this disease, fatigue, weakness, pain in the joints, swelling, etc. In all cases of lupus, the main cause is an immune system malfunction that s' attacks the body's cells and destroys them.

Cause of Lupus

As explained above about lupus in autoimmune disease, the immune system turns against the body instead of protecting it, thus damaging several internal and external parts of the body: skin, face, nose, plays, body, kidneys, heart, joints, eyes, etc. The main cause that triggers the immune system dysfunction is stress, depression over a long period. The first enemy of our immune system is stress, lifestyle, pollution, certain drugs and chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. Before coming to herbal consult your doctor to find out exactly what you have. plant role will be to restore your immune system.


The symptoms are varied: fatigue, weight loss, fever, joint pain, muscle pain, joint swelling, arthritis, arthritis of young age, hair loss, facial erythema, skin lesions, lesions classically red mucous membranes with dander , weight loss, pleurisy, pericarditis, chest pain, hallucinations, repetitive miscarriage, etc. These signs are indicative and only your doctor is allowed to ask a real diagnosis. Thus, before coming to the herbal medicine you should consult your doctor to find out exactly what you have. plant role will be to restore your immune system.

The product

 The Cure 125 : Lupus Disease, therapy Lupus Disease ( Lotion) heals rashes lupus to restore skin firmness throughout. You must associate the tea 126 for an in care.





plant extracts, organic clay

princips assets

Tannins, glycoside, fungicides


Ointment pot


classical external use

Side effects


Duration of treatment

A year

Unit price

30 €

Tea # 125: Cream Disease Lupus


-Lotion tube or soap.

-Pot 25ml


Extracts of plants, clay, etc.

Active subtances

Tannins, glycoside, fungicides, clay, etc.

Price: 30 €


An anti-inflammatory lotion, antibiotic and antiseptic very effective against most skin disease caused by lupus.

Side effects



Rashes, pimples, abscesses, varicose veins, stretch marks, itching, facial erythema, skin lesions, lesions of the mucous typically red scaly, arthritis, arthritis, etc ..

Manual :

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Good cure for lupus disease. The lotion protects the skin well, but how. Yours to Discover.

The Cure 125 : Lupus Disease, therapy Lupus Disease ( Lotion) is a good remedy against the disease Lupus.Bon cure for lupus disease. The lotion protects the skin well, but how. Yours to Discover.


Cure 125 : Lupus Disease, therapy Lupus Disease ( Lotion)

Natural remedy for lupus treatment. We offer you the best lotion with medicinal plants and leaves.Please to know more about this natural remedy.

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therapy Lupus Disease Cure Lupus Disease

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