Cure 129 : Skin diseases HIV AIDS, Natural Therapy HIV AIDS (Cream ).

The HIV virus

HIV or HIV is the virus on a small field of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The virus is slowly and surely control of T4 lymphocyte or CD4 immune cells blood, destroys them and uses them to spread throughout the body by releasing in the blood of specific toxins or viral load. The HIV virus, Interior undermines the immune system and thus led to some decline in CD4 and a weakening of the body. This is one of the most dangerous viruses by its mode of action as a defenseless body is subject to all kinds of diseases that can lead to death (influenza, bronchitis, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension, etc.) .

The transmission

HIV is transmitted only through body fluids: blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. These body fluids transmit HIV if they are in contact with a zone that lets him in the body mucosa. Healthy skin is impervious to HIV and you take no risk by shaking hands with an HIV-positive or eating from the same plate as him. No HIV AIDS without exchange of contaminated body fluids. An HIV-positive person declared must regularly check with his doctor both indicators viral load and levels of T4 lymphocytes or CD4 blood.

Viral load

Once in your body, the virus releases toxins or viral load indicating his eternal presence in your body except divine miracle. Viral load or CV indicates the amount of HIV virus in your blood. The result indicates the level of multiplication, so virus activity in your body. The lower the number, the less there is a virus in the blood and the less active. The viral load (VL) can move more than 1 million copies / ml to undetectable value in the treatment effect (which does not mean that there is more HIV in the body, but it is no longer detectable in the blood). Once the virus has entered, installed,

The T cells or CD4

T4 or CD4 cells are the immune cells responsible for organizing the response to infection. That is to say, when this virus following infection, it is the CD4 or T-cells that organize and coordinate the immune response. But the HIV virus uses to spread itself, it damages and destroys them. The body becomes weak and defenseless fatally subject to any viral and microbial attack.

Their rate (number per cubic millimeter (mm³) of blood) indicates the status of the immune system. The normal CD4 count is between 500 and 1600 cells / mm³. Below 500 cells / mm body the body is not able to properly defend and the situation will become critical below 200 cells / mm³, and especially below 100 cells / mm

The screening test

The testscreeningofHIVlooking forantibodyspecific HIV inblood. In the presence of these antibodies, the patient is consideredHIV positive. If that is the case, medical attention is necessary because untreated HIV infection eventually will lead to AIDS or death. A negative result means that the person has not been infected yet, but in case of unprotected intercourse within six weeks before the test, this result must be confirmed. Once declared HIV positive, the control of viral load and CD4 cells in rates is necessary because it is these two markers that allow to monitor the response monitor the response of your body to infection by HIV and to determine when adequate to begin natural treatments or not HIV. There are plenty of plants that effectively treat AIDS.


The treatment does not cure the disease AIDS, even in the absence of toxin or low viral load secreted by the virus we must remain cautious. The virus will be put out of harm or asleep and can wake up as soon as the weakened field and vigilance is required. With treatment, the person with HIV will live a long time without ever developing the disease but control and medical monitoring is necessary.

The product

There are many natural remedies that have more powerful therapeutic properties than conventional drugs, but the pharmaceutical industry has no interest that you become aware. In nature, there is always a natural solution for every disease known or hereafter and the man to seek and find. The enlightened minds often take the lead and our tea is a real field medicine to boost the immune system to enable it to hold on to opportunistic diseases (mycosis, flu, hepatitis, diarrhea, fever, fatigue, weight loss, anorexia , hypertension, malaria, typhoid fever, herpes, cancer, tumors, diabetes, incurable wound, shingles, chickenpox, measles, kidney problems, liver, constipation, etc.). Even critically ill and terminally ill AIDS HIV

Cure 129 : Skin diseases HIV AIDS, Natural Therapy HIV AIDS (Cream ).

The vihta-vihta cream protects the skin skin diseases HIV AIDS ie against opportunistic diseases such as shingles, herpes, thrush, pimples, itching, itching, etc.

NB: For best results, you must combine herbal 127,128 and 129





plant ingredients


Antibiotic, antifungal, restoring skin


Mycoses, herpes, itching, scabies, ringworm, shingles, etc.

Active subtances

Tannins, glycoside, etc.


Pot Cream


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Duration of treatment

21 days a month as long as possible

Unit price

30 euro



Cream 20g pot


Extracts of plants

Active subtances

-Tanins antifungals, antibiotics, antivirals, etc.

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The therapeutic effects of Cure 129 : Skin diseases HIV AIDS, Natural Therapy HIV AIDS (Cream ).

The cream protects the skin against skin diseases HIV AIDS and treats fungal infections, itching, herpes, scabies, shingles, etc.


Skin diseases HIV AIDS; Mycoses, herpes, itching, scabies, ringworm, shingles, fungal infections, itching, etc.

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NB: For best results, we must necessarily involve 127,128 teas and 129. For best results, you must combine herbal 127,128 and 129. Regular monitoring is needed to monitor the T4 cell rates and the decline viral load to verify the effectiveness of treatment. With treatment, the CD4 count will increase about 100 to 200 cells / mm every three months without exceed 1 200 cells / mm while the viral load will approach zero. The virus will be put out of harm but you must keep control and monitoring without guard down continuing treatment. It is best to perform each time the two tests at the same analytical laboratory to compare the successive results reliably. Thanks for understanding.

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NB: Good cure against HIV AIDS skin diseases: herpes zoster, chickenpox, big button, thrush, mouth ulcers. Please find a cure.

The Cure 129 : Skin diseases HIV AIDS, Natural Therapy HIV AIDS (Cream ). is a good protection of the skin against skin disease if infected with the HIV virus: herpes zoster, chickenpox, button, acne, eczema, itching , irritation, etc. Good remedy for skin diseases. Anyone can use it.


Skin diseases HIV AIDS, how to manage skin conditions associated with this tragedy. A cream based on medicinal plants to discover. Thank you.

Cure 129 : Skin diseases HIV AIDS, Therapy HIV AIDS (Cream)

Natural remedy against skin disease associate with HIV AIDS: shingles, herpes, itching . Our cream are purely natural and works in short time. Please to know more about this natural remedy.

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Therapy HIV AIDS Skin diseases HIV AIDS

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