Cure 215: Remedy Sperm Bacterial infection Escherichia coli

Understanding evil

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The product

The 215 Remedy: Bacterial infection of Escherichia coli is made effective antibacterial plants against Escherichia coli bacteria become pathogenic. It is a selective broad-spectrum antibiotic. Good remedy.



50 g


plant ingredients


Antibiotic, antifungal

Active subtances

Tannins, glycoside, sterols, trace elements, etc.


Powder jar or sachet


bacterial infections from Escherichia coli, infertility maculine


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Side effects

bitter taste

Duration of treatment

21 days with 4 teas


30 euro

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NB: Remedy 215: Bacterial sepsis of sperm in Escherichia Coli fight infections of Escherichia coli, regenerates the internal channels and the inner lining.


-Powder bag or 50g pot


Extracts of plants antibiotics, diuretics and depurative.

Active subtances

-Tanins antibiotics, diuretics and depurative.

Price: 30 €

Understanding evil

The therapeutic effects.

Medicinenatural in general and especially African medicine favors fieldwork, drainage and sanitation of the human environment and any composition worthy of the name has not only specific plants against evil to treat and especially purifying plants that role rid the body of toxins, killed microbes, weakened or put out of harm's way. Most chronic diseases are resolved in this approach.

The powder, its composition is rich in active ingredients of proven efficacy against chlamydia. It also includes diuretics and depuratives elements to facilitate the evacuation of germs exterminated and remediation of affected areas ..Bacterial infection Escherichia coli, what to do? 215 The remedy will help cure this disease. No problem for healing. good medicine


bacterial infections from Escherichia coli, male infertility

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Cure 215: Remedy Sperm Bacterial infection Escherichia coli

Good performance in bed improve the well being of a couple.Therefore if you notice some infection such as  Sperm Bacterial infection Escherichia and coli,don't panic. Please to visit our shop to know more about the treatment.

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Remedy Sperm Bacterial infection Escherichia coli

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