Djèka and Benefits Uses of Djèka Leaves Treated Diseases. On this page, you will learn all about djèka leaves, the diseases cured by djèka. Find out on this page and How to use Djeka Leaves to treat certain diseases. Indeed, the djèka cleanses the belly of its impurities and rebalances the vaginal flora. In addition, it soothes vaginal itching and removes bad odours. In addition, the djèka calms painful periods, treats gastrointestinal disorders and stimulates the appetite. It is a plant-friendly to women

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Some Names of Djèka in Local Languages


Djèka's scientific name: ALCHORNEA CORDIFOLIA.

Djéka in Akan Country

Côyiranbourou in Dioula

Soukolanbourou in Amingninrin

kôyiran boulou in Bambara

Ada Abba Togola or Gagné mbambami in Aoussa

Klan madu in Goun and Fon in Benin


Djéka: What is Djèka?

Djéka is a plant that has been used for ages by West African women in their well-being and intimate routine. Antibiotic and natural disinfectant, its leaves clean the uterus and the belly of its impurities, tone the muscles of the vagina and treat wounds caused by childbirth. The seeds of Djèka are more antibiotic than the leaves. Rich in organic compounds with an antioxidant power 1000 times greater than that of vitamin C, Djeka with its scientific name Alchornea Cordifolia has many virtues:

What are the leaves of Djeka called?

The scientific name of Djèka is ALCHORNEA cordifolia. His name in Goun and Fon in Benin is klan madu. Djèka is the name of the plant in Djoula in Ivory Coast or Mali. Its leaves contain 26% protein, 17% fibre, 39% soluble carbohydrates and 5% calcium oxide. The whole plant is rich in ions like sodium, potassium and calcium. In herbal medicine, for hemorrhoidal disease, The leaves are the most used

How to use Djéka Leaves? Leaves of Djeka and Virtues

Detoxifies and revitalizes the uterus.
Tones the muscles of the vagina and tightens it
Tightens the vagina
Purifies clogged fallopian tubes
Cleanses the belly of its impurities and rebalances the vaginal flora.
Lubricates the vagina
Soothes vaginal itching and removes bad odours.
Calms painful periods.
prevents urinary tract infections as a preventive
Fight against infections as a cure
Improves the quality of cervical mucus
Treats gastrointestinal complaints and stimulates appetite.
Natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, Djéka treats wounds caused by childbirth as well as urinary tract infections.
Purifies the lower abdomen

Heals wounds after childbirth.

Rebalances the vaginal flora

It Fights foul-smelling white discharge.

Fights vaginitis and vaginal itching

Comment on Utilise les Feuilles de Djèka?

Infusion : lavez soigneusement vos feuilles de Djeka et faites-les bouillir pendant 10 minutes. Filtrez et buvez à volonté toute la journée.

Toilette intime : Lavez et faites bouillir les feuilles pendant 10 à 15 minutes. Laissez la décoction tiédir et utilisez-la pour la toilette intime.

Bain de vapeur intime:  faites bouillir les feuilles et renversez la décoction encore fumante dans un récipient adapté. Accroupissez-vous au-dessus pour un bain de vapeur. Couvrez-vous avec une couverture et profitez de ce moment bien-être pendant 20 à 25 minutes


Diseases Cured By Djèka Leaves and Use

Loss of appetite

Boil the dried leaves in water for 10 min. Let cool and drink. For nurses, these leaves have a reputation for healing "wounds" on the stomach and helping to reduce its volume. For people with loss of appetite, it will make you want to eat big dishes (I can attest to that lol)

Blocked fallopian  Tubes Urinary Tract and Genital Tract Infections

Boil the leaves in plenty of water, then spill the resulting liquid into a bucket you can sit on (sit down) at 5 min intervals (it gets hot lol). Do this steam bath 3 times a week

Note: The steam bath eliminates impurities and impurities and tightens the vagina. You can also use it for your personal hygiene two or three times a week, it is just as effective

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Organic Remedy 239: Djeka and Benefits Uses of Djeka Leaves

The Djèka, the Gongoli, the fruit of 4 Sides, the nep nep are wonders of Africa. Discover how to use Djèka leaves for your well-being

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