Plant To Treat AIDS Natural Treatment For AIDS. AIDS kills and antiretrovirals have saved many lives. There are also plants that cure AIDS. Discover here these plants that treat AIDS Our natural treatment to treat AIDS makes the virus undetectable while increasing the CD4 count. The natural remedy to cure AIDS contains antiviral plants and also plants which boost natural immunity. The natural treatment to cure AIDS contains the famous Red Jatropha without forgetting moringa, detarium and Baobab leaves. Detarium microcarpum and lannea acida figure prominently in therapy to treat AIDS

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Red Jatropha and AIDS Red Jatropha and HIV

The Red Jatropha African Plant

Name: Barbados or red medic

Scientific name: Jjatropha gossypifolia (not to be confused with Jatropha curcas or white jatropha)

Name in Arabic: aljatrufa al'ahmar or الجاتروفا الأحمر

The Name in Benin: Gbaguilikpotin vèè (gbaguilikpotin = jatropha and red = vèè in goun in Benin

Origin: Africa

Colours: Green when the young ripens to dark brown

Fruit: Shape Broadly ellipsoid capsule 2.5–3 cm × c. 2 cm, smooth skin

Taste: Sweet, pungent, bitter

Does Jatropha Cure AIDS? Natural Treatment To Cure AIDS

No: Red jatropha alone does not cure AIDS. Indeed, jatropha is not an antiviral plant but an immune system booster which alone cannot cure AIDS. However, red jatropha is a component of many tinases which treat AIDS. Red jatropha is often associated with cassava, moringa, baobab leaves, detarium, lannea acida in the treatment of AIDS. With our herbal tea 327, the drop in viral load becomes rapid and the virus is put out of action with real hope of survival for the HIV-positive patient. Moringa, lemon and Baobab fall in the same category of the fight against AIDS

Moringa oleifera In Natural Treatment For AIDS

The generic name Moringa would come from the Tamil word, "முருங்கை" or "முருங்க" (mourungai or mourunga). An etymology from the Arabic word "مرنج" mirnej, itself from a Sanskrit word is also advanced.

Different Names of Moringa Oléifera African Plant

Scientific Name: Moringa Oléifera

Name in Goun in Benin: Kpatima, yovokpatin

Origin: Africa

Colours: Green

Moringa and AIDS in Natural AIDS Treatment

No: Moringa Oléifera, a plant with a thousand virtues, does not cure AIDS. It is a plant rich in micronutrients but this is not enough to cure AIDS. However, in combination with other plants such as crateva religiosa, Detarium microcarpum, fagara and many others that we keep the secret, everything changes. It is a great pick-me-up associated with cassava, jatropha, lemon, baobab leaves, detarium, lannea acida HIV becomes vulnerable. The decrease in viral load becomes rapid and the virus is put out of harm's way with real hope of recovery for the HIV-positive patient. moringa fights malnutrition and desertification. It boosts natural immunity and improves the nutritional status of people with HIV

Natural Treatment To Cure AIDS

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), is a virus that causes AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). HIV infection destroys our natural defences). If left untreated, serious illnesses can develop. Normally harmless infections (flu or bronchitis, etc.) can get worse, become very difficult to treat, or even lead to death. In addition, the risk of infections is also increased

HIV- AIDS Transmission of HIV Disease AIDS
HIV is transmitted through body fluids: blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk. These bodily fluids only transmit HIV if they come into contact with an area that allows it to enter the body, a mucous membrane. Healthy skin is impermeable to HIV. Most often, the virus is acquired through unprotected sexual activity or was acquired in the past through needle exchange among people who inject drugs. The risk of transmission through kissing with the exchange of saliva is zero.

The main symptoms of HIV infection and diagnosis

fever over 38 ° C;
the appearance of lymph nodes;
a rash of red patches on the body and face;
headaches, stomach aches, muscle pain;
diarrhoea, vomiting.

HIV-1 HIV-2 HIV AIDS Treating AIDS Living with AIDS

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Evolution of HIV to AIDS: Natural Remedy To Treat AIDS
1st phase of contact with the virus
The virus has just entered your body (primary infection). Your body can kick it out and kick it out or accept it depending on the resistance of the terrain. If the virus remains then certain harmless signs may appear: fever, headache, sore throat, redness on the skin, fatigue, muscle pain, etc. However, some infected people do not smell anything at all.

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2nd phase The virus settles down permanently
The virus can live with you for years without showing itself. Indeed, it is a very vicious virus that awaits its favourable moment which will come sooner or later. The virus is there, but it is as if nothing has happened. You are a healthy carrier with a risk of transmitting HIV. For an HIV test to be positive, there must be antibodies in your blood. Within a few months, you will go from being seronegative to seropositive depending on the viral load of the virus and this is phase 3

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3rd phase The virus activates Plant To Treat AIDS Naturally (Herbal tea)

Li virus becomes active and the viral load appears in the blood. You now have AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) or symptomatic infections. Once you are found to be HIV positive, you must undergo treatment. Otherwise, symptoms of HIV infection will be revealed (fatigue, diarrhoea, swelling of the glands, weight loss, night sweats, fever, etc.). There is the triple therapy that remains effective against AIDS and we offer you a natural herbal treatment against AIDS. These are herbal teas 127, 128, and 129.


4th phase AIDS spreads the word

Viral load increases and CD4 T's (immune cells) fall. The virus is actively at work. Thus, the organism is affected. Symptoms of the infection appear and soon opportunistic diseases will move up a gear (hepatitis, flu, candidiasis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, herpes infections, cancers, lymphomas, Kaposi's sarcoma)

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Organic Remedy 327: Curing AIDS Natural Treatment To Cure AIDS


Plant To Treat AIDS Natural Treatment For AIDS. AIDS is a reality with its ravages. But there are plants that cure AIDS and help people live better

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