Bio Remedy 033: Herbal tea to cure asthma, Asthma natural

The tea to treat asthma

Our herbal tea to treat asthma naturally is composed of plants broncho dilator. This remedy to naturally treat asthma quickly clears bronchi and cleanses the lungs.The Bio Remedy 033: Herbal tea to cure asthma, Asthma natural is a good treatment for asthma.


-Powder bag


Extracts of plants 7 broncho dilators, vasodilators, emollients, stimulant and depurative.

Active subtances

-Vitamin C, calcium, flavonoids, bi flavonoids, antioxidant, etc.

Side effects


Sometimes go to clear the chest and airways.

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The therapeutic effects of the powder.

Vitamin C and flavonoids help the body to effectively fight viruses that attack the respiratory system and increase the resistance of the body cope with allergens (animal dander, feather, dust, humidity, pollution, odor, perfume, etc. in addition to sink the nose, s element of the powder lighten and thin the mucus from the lungs, to better evacuate cough. slow chewing powder is first of all to clear phlegm present in the bronchi and circulate it for it to be removed by coughing. the powder instantly clear the airway oxygenation.


Asthma, bronchitis, cough asthmaciforme,

Manual :

To chew powder will; A few pinches enough.

Note: In the following minutes the relief is immediate. This is a good remedy.


-It is important to keep warm: hot tub, steam bath, hot inhalation, massage the chest with the super balm or other similar products.

- It is important to drink enough, to take food and hot drinks that will move the mucus and remedies s fuel made from plants, that fight germs and prevent them from adhering to mucus. Drink up to 3 liters of water a day and eating spicy and well spiced.

The tea to treat asthma naturally is a good remedy for all cases of asthma. This product gives the bronchi and quickly relieves.

Remedy Bio 033: Herbal tea to cure asthma, Asthma natural

Natural treatment against asthma.This natural herbal tea is very effective in reducing asthma crises.The normal 03 month treatment of this sickness help you to get back your normal status.

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Asthma natural Herbal tea to cure asthma

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